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The Day I Showed Dr Oz How To Make a Healthy Snack for Kids

on May 21, 2013

A couple weeks ago, we teased our Facebook fans with a photo from the Dr Oz set.  We just happened to be there, taping a segment on plate art.  The adorable, fun way to turn ordinary food into fun shapes and faces for kids.  Often in an attempt to get kids excited about food.  Even better when it’s nutritious!  Whenever I do this for my own kids, they go bananas.  Ordinary food becomes magical.












There is a reason it’s popular enough to end up on the Dr Oz show.

How the Dr Oz team found us was quite miraculous.  While searching through the thousands of examples of plate art available online (thank you, Pinterest!) they stumbled on one of ours from St Patrick’s Day 2012.

After we recovered from the shock of receiving an email from an Associate Producer at the Dr Oz show, we happily agreed to release the photo for their use and mentioned that, oh-by-the-way we also run a children’s food company, dedicated to nutrient-dense, fun food for kids.  Could they use us for something more?  (Hey, when you get a chance like this, you do NOT pass it up!)

A hazy whirlwind of phone calls and emails later, we were graciously invited on the show as part of the two-minute show ending segment they had planned for plate art.  We would represent moms who had submitted plate art photos and show Dr Oz in person how to make one ourselves.  But only one of us could do it.  Gulp.

Although many people would probably clamor at the opportunity to jump onto the television scene, even if just for a minute, Silvia and I rarely find ourselves with that desire.  So, we talked about it and I took the job.  I figured I’d probably be pretty nervous leading up to the show, but I would feel proud and amazing on the other side (and boy, did I!)  Now…what to wear?  (Cue the music most likely to instill panic in the viewers).  In all seriousness, it was a nerve-wracking, very-exciting, empowering experience that I was thrilled to be a part of.  Even though I was on a show schedule next to a PhD and highly regarded RD and nutrition expert, I was treated like a star.  Which, as a mom, is pretty amazing in and of itself.

More importantly, and to the point, we spent a couple days playing with some fun, easy options to show on-air.  Fruit and vegetable inspired flowers seemed to be a crowd favorite:

DSC_2381 DSC_2386 DSC_2387 DSC_2390

But I won’t ruin the surprise just yet.  You’ll have to tune into the The Dr Oz Show tomorrow, WEDNESDAY MAY 22 in the afternoon.  Check your local listings for times.  The morning show will be a rerun of an earlier taping.

I’m literally in the last 2 minutes of the show, so don’t go anywhere before it’s over.  And happy snacking!


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  3. […] Fruit and Veggie Snacks – FACT*: Fruits and veggies that are fun to look at are usually more fun to eat (*based on years of kitchen table observation…) […]

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