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My Favorite Ideas for Outdoor Play

on June 18, 2013

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Some of my favorite days with my kids are those where we play outside from morning ’til dusk, eat our meals outside, get soaking wet, then dry, then wet again, change clothes 10 times and finally come in for a much needed bath with mud under their fingernails and ice cream dripping on their cute little chins. Not only are the days filled with fun and laughter, but they also result in the easiest bedtimes we have ever experienced. According to an article in Psychology today, outdoor play strengthens motor skills, prevents obesity, supports creativity and promotes mental health and well being. It also provides an opportunity for parents to bond with their children, especially younger kids that require supervision while playing outdoors. While this seems obvious, our modern society makes it very easy for us stay indoors and hop from TV to IPAD.

Here are my favorite resources for outdoor play ideas:

1. Nature Rocks – this site not only provides great ideas, but breaks them up by age group and location, including making compost and measuring rain.

2. Let The Children Play  – great blog created by a teacher filled with outdoor play tips, I love the outdoor musical play ideas.

3. Happy Hooligans – this blog has really creative ideas for backyard play, I love the water wall and soup kitchen.

4. Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone – this mommy blogger has created one of the coolest backyard play spaces ever, nothing fancy, just fun workstations with everyday items to keep kids entertained.  I love it and I know my kids would too!

5. Lil Sugar – 41  adorable ideas for outdoor play including making sprayable chalk to painting with bubbles.

Hope this list gives you some inspiration for more outdoor fun!


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