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Boosting Mom’s Metabolism (by intern blogger, Katherine)

on July 29, 2013

Do You Ever Envy Your Kids Fast Metabolism?

kid bread

Last week I went to a seminar about how to boost your metabolism, led by certified Health Coach and mother of two, Raquel Guzman. As a mom, Guzman knows that when life gets busy, moms fall to the bottom of the list.  Especially when it comes to health and wellness.  She offered 7 steps that provide a good overview for not only increasing metabolism but working toward better overall health.  An added benefit is the example it sets for the kiddos in the house.  Here, I’ve shared these steps and I hope you find them as insightful as I did!

7 Steps to a Faster Metabolism:

1. Sleep

WHY:  When your body gets the sleep it needs, 7- 8 hours a night, it functions more efficiently; this means that your digestion system works better too.

TIP: When you put down your kids for their afternoon nap, don’t hesitate to nap too! Or, go to bed early two nights out of the week. Put it in your calendar and try to make it part of your to-do list.

2.  Eat Real Whole Food – This is food that comes from the earth; not processed food.

WHY: Minerals and nutrients are our bodies’ fuel. Think: Live food, live body. Processed food however, lack these vital minerals and nutrients.

TIP: Visit your local farmers market and cook a few meals ahead of time for the week ahead. This way, when Friday night yawning begins, you can grab the Quinoa you made on Monday for dinner, instead of indulging in pizza. Get the kids involved by having them choose their favorite vegetables and fruits at the store and let them help you cook!

farmers market

3. Drinking Water

WHY: Hydrating your body help digestion!

TIP: Keep reusable water bottles all over the house: in your bedroom, the kitchen, living room, wherever. This way, you can always be drinking! Have each member of your family have their own color water bottle. Also, begin and end your day with a glass of water.

4. Don’t Skip Meals

WHY: When you skip meals, your body thinks it is going into starvation mode and holds onto fat.

TIP: Remind yourself that food is fuel! This also teaches your children that skipping meals should not be a norm and helps them form life long healthy habits.

5. Don’t Crash Diet

WHY: Crash dieting hurts your metabolism over time. Even if you lose those 5 pounds for an event, later you may gain them back and not be able to lose them due to a warn out metabolism.

TIP: Instead of crash dieting to fit into a certain size dress, go for the bigger size and ignore the number. Pick out a dress that you love not because of size but design. Bring your daughter to the store and have her pick out a few dresses to wear for you.


6. Stress Reduction

WHY: Stress takes away blood from the core of your body that helps with digestion and moves it to your limbs to get ready for “fight”. Fighting as in ready to run away from the lion that is about to attack you, such as the problems the first human beings on earth had.

TIP: Keep a stress jar in your house. Inside, write 30 activities to do that help you and your family de-stress. Once a day, ask one of your kids to pick out of the jar and enjoy de- stress time with the family.

7. Chew!

WHY: Digestion begins in the mouth! Take the time to slow down, chew, and enjoy your food.

TIP: Try to chew each bite 20 times.


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