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What Do You Do With Your Empty MySuperSnack Boxes?

on August 17, 2013

What do you do with your MySupersnack boxes???  We upcycle!  Check out our new house with stairs and a sunroom!

box 1

Here is how to make a fun house out of a MySuperSnack box!

  1. Open the bottom of the box.

  2. Cut out one of the superhero on the side of the box and make it come to life. Make sure you keep the bottom flap attached! Cut as close to the figure as possible. box 2

  3. Continue cutting a rectangular shaped hole around where the character originally was to make a door.

  4. Re-tape the bottom of the box

  5. To make a roof, secure the top of the box with tape in a triangle formation box 3

  6. To make a chimney, use scraps from cutting out the superhero and door and fold it into thirds.  Fold the sides in and attach on top with tape. box 4

  7. Get creative in your own way with the rest!  Make windows.  Invite friends over.  Have fun!box 5box 6


One response to “What Do You Do With Your Empty MySuperSnack Boxes?

  1. craftycoup says:

    I reuse cereal boxes and other boxes like that to wrap gifts in. Everyone always gets a laugh when they rip open the wrapping paper to see a Cheerios box. Then they get really excited to actually open the box itself because it usually means a handmade gift!

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