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Kids Who Are More Active Have Better Focus

on August 21, 2013

I recently came across this image

brain after walk

and thought, “everyone should know this.”  So much of what we read or hear or feel pressure to do requires quite a bit of work.  Especially if what we are currently doing is so different than what the experts suggest.  But 20 minutes?  Surely we can make that happen.  Maybe it’s a dance party while we make dinner.  Maybe it’s a walk outside after dinner while the weather is still warm.  Maybe it’s a weekend bike ride or race around the bases of a nearby baseball field on the way to the grocery store.  When we, as parents get involved it not only sets a great example for our kids but helps us too.  I know that when I can stop myself from lamenting how busy I am long enough to to engage in whatever physical activities my kids are doing, I feel better.

Race across the yard.  See who can balance on one foot the longest.  Play freeze tag.

Exercise, even a little bit, benefits the body and the mind.  I know I, for one, could use a few minutes to remember how fun it was to be a kid.

kids running


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