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My Daughters Drew on the Wall with Marker…and How I Got it Out (with Baking Soda)

on October 17, 2013

200455917-001I’ve been waiting for this day.  Markers on the wall.  Not “waiting” in the sense of standing over the coffee maker, pleading with it to drip a little faster.  But expecting.  Anticipating.  Dreading.

I’m actually shocked that we made it nearly 4 years and since their are two of them…well, I’m amazed.

So it happened.  The wall was white, the marker was pink and the outcome wouldn’t get us on a cover of any home decorating magazines.

My daughter Claire was immediately remorseful.  Crying “I’m sorry” and “please forgive me”, she layered me with hugs and sobs simultaneously.  I’m just glad this display of apology was reserved for our house and not out in public where people would surely think I locked her in the closet for forgetting to clean up her toys.  My daughter Rachel, on the other hand was basically pleased with her performance.  Displaying a level of “cool” that is usually reserved for the minister’s daughter in a made-for-TV movie, she draped her arm over the back of her chair and looked at me with nonchalance as I asked, “what happened?”

“Claire did it.”  Was her reply.

“No,” I said. “You both did.”

“Oh.” (searching for another excuse) “Claire told me to do it.”

Quickly calculating if she were still nearly 4 years old or the 12-year-old that seemed to sit in front of me, I reminded her that this behavior is not ok and that I would have to take markers away for a week.

Busted.  Markers are her favorite.  “Sorry mom.”

(If you ever need a reminder on the fact that part of kids behavior is just who. they. are. come over to my house.)

Now.  About that stain.

A quick Google search led to me two roads.  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and baking soda with water.  Let me be clear, I do own cleaning products in my house with a whole host of chemicals in them.  But, I’ve made some small changes over the years and was really hoping for a natural remedy if I could find one.  But baking soda and water???  Why didn’t I just stand in front of the stain and wish it away?  Surely, baking soda and water would not be enough.  I decided to try and be proven wrong, and got out a small bowl and mixed a tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of water.  Just enough to create a heavy paste.

Using a paper towel, I gathered some of the baking soda paste and applied it to the pink stained walls.  Within minutes, all of the stains were gone.  Gone!  I was in total shock and denial.  Still am.

I’m hooked.  What other amazing natural cleaning solutions should I be using???



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