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Snowman Popsicle Stick Craft Project

on January 9, 2014

I was recently inspired by many of the snow day craft projects that I came across while putting together our Snow Day Pinterest page.  There are a lot of really creative, really simple ideas out there and I was ready to try one.  Especially since, looking around at our art supplies, I had many of the necessary ingredients for something I knew my daughters would love.  Off I went, assembling the elements for our very own popsicle stick snowman.

First, I set out a brown paper grocery bag for each of my daughters to work on.  Then, I set out:

(6) large popsicle sticks (any size works, but I used tongue depressors)

(2) googly eyes

(1) yellow triangle nose

(2) craft puffs (or any decoration for the hat, like buttons, stars, beads)

(2) glitter glue sticks to draw a mouth and decorate

(1) paper plate, white paint and a sponge paint brush and glue stick

snowman craft 1










I had the girls start by painting (5) of the popsicle sticks white

snowman craft 2










Then we set them aside and they painted the last popsicle stick the color of the choice (this is the color of the hat)

snowman craft 3

We let those dry for a few minutes (and watched 2 music videos on YouTube from the move Frozen) and then I turned over the 5 white sticks and taped them together with masking tape.  In hind site, I should have done this first, but it turned out just fine.

snowman craft 6










I then had the girls glue on their blue and purple sticks horizontally about 1/3 from the top to designate where the hat would lie.  They painted the area above the rim to complete the hat.

snowman craft 7










Then they added the eyes, nose and hat decorations.

snowman craft 4








Finally, they used the glitter glue to create a mouth.

snowman craft 5










Once they were complete, we aside to dry.  In my daughter Rachel’s case, she may never get to hold her snowman because she unleashed 1/2 of the glitter glue tube to create it’s mouth.  “Look, Mommy!  He’s making a surprised face!”

snowman craft 10









Never a dull moment.  At least she’s creative!


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