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Business Update: How our SuperFamily is Growing

It’s been awhile since our last business update.  Here are 5 EXCITING things that have happened since then:

1. We launched MySuperCookies at Expo West – March 6-9 2014.  Organic, nut-free, chia & flax seeds, coconut oil.  Honey, Blueberry Vanilla and Chocolate.  Coming in June.3D COOKIES - 3 FLAVORS HR

2. We partnered up with Alaskan Airlines to put MySuperSnack Granola Bars in their Kids’ Choice Picnic Pack.  Available in April.

3. We introduced TristZen, the fifth member of our SuperTeam.  Silvia had him 2 years ago.  It was a bit overdue…

4. We’ve added Kings, Balducci’s, Fairway, Wild By Nature, and many other independent stores to our list of amazing customers.

5. Our favorite holistic health and nutrition coach, Megan Kalocinski welcomed Patrick Duke into the world less than 1 month ago.  And she’s still blogging away.

We couldn’t be happier, more excited or freaked out than we are right now.  Launching new products is like having more kids.  If you’re awake, you’re either asking yourself, “can we handle this?” or “can we afford this?”  But if we had all the answers before we had the answers then we wouldn’t have any fun at all.

In every interview I’ve ever watched of a successful entrepreneur they’ve all said, “If I would have known how hard this was going in, I might not have done it.  But I’m so glad that I did.”

Thanks for joining us for the ride.

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