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Five Cool Website For Kids Stuff

on April 7, 2014

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The tulips are peaking through the blades of grass, the heat is not on as much and I’m almost ready to put the winter gear away.  Yes, spring is almost here.  The season of new beginnings, it’s my favorite time of year to purge, donate and organize.  The upside of all of that hard work is shopping for the new — especially kids stuff because nothing seems to last more than a season.  Here are five of our favorite websites for cool kids stuff:

1. FabKids – This subscription service will deliver a cool, high quality outfit for your kids every month.  You can choose the outfit from a curated selection just for you! And what kids doesn’t love getting a new box every month?  Super cool!

2.  Pley – Once you donate the old toys, this is a great option for Lego lovers.  Borrow Lego sets, send them back and get new ones!  You can even lose a few pieces at no extra cost.  I’m definitely trying this one!

3. Zulily – This site just gets better and better.  I especially love their kids clothes and shoes, great pricing and super cute.

4. E-beanstalk – Take the guessing out of developmentally appropriate toys with this site, it sorts them for you!

5. UV Skinz – I am the crazy mom in the park who keep reapplying suncreen until my kids look like ghosts, so I know a little about UV protected sun gear.  Of the brand I have purchases, I was happiest with Skinz.  They are well made, last a whole season of pools and beaches and still look new.

Happy Spring!


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