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Perfect Picnic

on July 29, 2014

During the summer, few things are more fun than going on a picnic! We love to have picnics everywhere, from a park to the pool. Here are some great tips, recipes, and activities we rounded up to ensure that you have the perfect picnic.

Picnic Planning from Hoosier Homemade


Liz from Hoosier Homemade gives some great tips for picnic planning. Her post features recipes as well as a list to make the perfect basket. She also manages to create a great layout with coordinating plates, napkins, and blanket, for a low price. A great resource for the early stages of picnicking!

Make Your Own Bubbles from Smockity Frocks


This bubble recipe is super easy and quick, but is sure to provide hours of fun! Grab an empty bubble container and wand, and fill it up with this simple recipe.

Cut A Watermelon For Small Hands from Mama Say What


Super easy, but also a completely different way to enjoy watermelon! Instead of cutting it into traditional triangles, try making it into long slices. Incredibly convenient, and perfect for small children!

Ants On A Log


This age old favorite is a great choice for a picnic! For a traditional version, break celery into halves and layer with peanut butter. Top with raisins. For a twist, try almond butter and craisins, hummus and carrot pieces, or peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.

For even more great picnic snack ideas, check out our SuperEmployee Elizabeth’s article on Abe’s Market!


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