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My 1st Basket Brigade: Thanksgiving 2014!

on November 27, 2014

Inspiring. Humbling. Genuine. Thankful

Those are the first four words that come to mind when I think about how I spent last weekend. I was excited to see that a friend, of a friend, was hosting a “Basket Brigade.” My first thoughts were: What is it? How can I be involved?

Nick Mazza, of Revive: Creative Property Solutions, was campaigning on GoFundMe, as he asked family and friends to donate to his cause. I was a bit skeptical at first, but a quick friend request later, and all of my questions were answered. I have finally witnessed a crowd funding event that I’m proud of. This was exciting!

The “Basket Brigade” is a national campaign, usually hosted by a 501-C, not-for-profit organization. They source donations, and then assemble full Thanksgiving meals to give to local families in need. The national slogan for the Basket Brigade is, “When a community comes together, magic happens.” I guess one could say their friend group is the community, because they totally made the magic happen. First, Nick, Ryan, and Dan reached out to their friends and family through social media. They raised over $2,000 which funded their trips to the supermarket. Then, they reached out to local churches and received the names of 23 families in need. So, they gathered baskets and got to work.

They cared about every detail that was put into this event—down to the bows and cornucopia that were hot glued to each basket. All that I want on my Thanksgiving table was included. Each family received everything from cranberry sauce, potatoes, and desserts to tin foil and a baking pan. They made sure each family received gravy, vegetables, and soup. The bread was bought on the day of delivery, in order for it to be fresh. And, the turkeys were chosen by weight—in order to feed the entire family.

When I offered to donate cases of MySuperCookies, I didn’t think the experience would be half of what it was. I helped put together the baskets, and was able to join in dropping them off to each home. The families welcomed us, with genuine gratitude. They made their kids stop what they were doing, come downstairs, and say thank you. I could genuinely feel their appreciation for what we were giving them—and that’s a feeling I’m not sure I experience as often as I want.

So, with Thanksgiving in the air… I’m sitting here thinking: what more can I do? What more can groups of friends do? How can I help make this Basket Brigade skyrocket next year? My ideas are endless! I’m thankful for being part of this event and having the ability to make a difference in the lives of people who need it.

So…What did you do to give back this season? What more can be done for the rest of the year? Drop us a note, we’d love to consider helping your cause, too!


PS— Stay Tuned, SuperFans… I’m going to need your help with the 2015 Basket Brigade!



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