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MySuperFoods Holiday Crafts – Santa Sleigh & Snowy Friends

on December 14, 2014

As you can imagine, we have no shortage of MySuperSnack and MySuperCookie boxes around my house.  Sometimes it’s a bit of an epidemic.  So, it made perfect sense to us to pull out some festive holiday art supplies and get to work on the holiday spirit!  These are easy, great for small hands, fun for snow days and super stocking stuffers for anyone you love.

Santa’s Sled 

Needs: MySuperCookie Box, (2) Large Candy Canes, Piece of Ribbon

Step 1: Turn box upside down and tape the candy canes to the box (make sure the curved part of the candy canes are pointing the opposite way – facing toward the box top).  Create a little gift tag (Ours says “The SuperKids”).  Poke a hole at the top and slide it to the halfway point of the ribbon.  Tape the ends of the ribbon next to the candy canes as well.  This is the handle.

Christmas Sled 1









Step 2: Turn the “sleigh” over and pull the handle up on top.  You can also sit a small stuffed animal or Santa Clause on top for decoration or gift giving.

Christmas Sled MSC










Snowy Friends (Polar Bear and Penguin)

Needs: construction paper (white, black and orange), scissors, glue stick, black marker, ribbon and two MySuperSnack Granola Bite pouches

Christmas Snow Friends 1







Step 1 (Polar Bear): lay one MySuperSnack pouch on top of the white construction paper.  Cut a small strip of paper off the top of the sheet (use to cut out 2 ears and 2 paws).  Wrap the two sides of the paper around the pouch and glue them together.  Turn the pouch over so that the seam doesn’t show.

Christmas Snow Friends 2








Step 2: Glue on the two ears and two paws and draw in eyes, nose, mouth and paws.  Tie the ribbon around the middle.

Christmas Snow Friends 3










Step 3 (Penguin): Follow the same instructions in step 1 (for the polar bear) but cut off a thicker strip from the top to make the penguin wings.  Also cut out a small, orange triangle and a white oval to create the face.

Christmas Snow Friends 4










Step 4: assemble the reminder of the penguin and give to your favorite snacking buddy!

Christmas SuperSnacks 2


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