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More MySuperFoods Holiday Crafts – Cozy Snowman!

on December 15, 2014

We continued the fun from last week (did you catch the other fun holiday crafts we made??) in our house by decorating some more cookies boxes!

Cozy Snowman:

Need: One MySuperCookies Box, Construction Paper, Felt Paper (or ribbon), Buttons, Glue, Winter Hat

Step 1: Like our Snowy Friends, wrapped the entire box in white paper using tape.


Step 2: Glue on your buttons eyes and mouth as well as cut out a carrot noes. Then cut the the felt so it fits nicely around your box. Wrap it around the box and tie bow or a knot. This will be the snowman’s scarf. Next add the hat of your choice to the top of the box. I secured the hat using a little bit of tape.


Step 3: To create a snowy scenery, place the snowman on white felt and add some cotton balls around the box!



Obviously we love wrapping up MySuperCookies, but this craft works easily with any box or present, begging for a little snowman fun!


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