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Quick and Easy Healthy, Holiday Snacks for Kids

on December 19, 2014

Today was my daughters’ Christmas pageant and party at school.  Their last as preschoolers.  It was adorable.  Inevitably.

Although I signed up to bring in the “healthy snack” at the beginning of the year, I completely forgot until I got the reminder email.  Two days ago.  It was not exactly the kind of reminder I was happy to receive, given the height of activities this time of year so I allowed myself a few minutes of complaining and coming up with excuses as to why I might just bail on the whole thing, but then I got my laptop out, typed in Pinterest and sat down with my girls to help me pick something easy, delicious and …quick.

They chose two adorable options.  One was made of popcorn and the other made of cheese.  Two household staples.  I made some changes to accommodate what I felt that I could pull off (which did NOT include making 25 tiny snowman hats for each string cheese snowman).  The results are below:

Mozzarella Tomato “Candy Cane” Stacks








Mozzarella Cheese Stacks










Organic Popcorn & Freeze Dried Strawberry Cups










popcorn freeze dried strawberry cups








They were easy to assemble, simple to transport and perfect for little hands.  No mess and all gone by the end of the party.  All in all, a big success.  But no match for the performance of my two little angels in the Christmas pageant.  If I do say so myself.


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