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Business Update: All Signs Point to Awesome

on January 21, 2015

I seem to post business updates less and less but nevertheless, I realize how much you guys like them when I do.  So here is the January 2015 official update.  Five awesome things we have going on from the MSF headquarters:

1. Last week, we launched MySuperCookies in the Northern California region of Costco.  Sales are off to a tremendous start and Silvia and I spent the weekend in San Francisco meeting demo folks, local customers and getting to know the bay area as only a taxi driver might.  We are officially in love.


costco SF 2 costco SF 3 costco SF










2. Late last year we partnered up with Food Lifeline, a Seattle based nonprofit food distribution center that provides nutritious food to hungry, low-income people. As a part of the Feeding America network, Food Lifeline is able to support the 755,000 people in Western Washington state that visit their food banks every year.  We are thrilled to donate funds and work with this dedicated team as an extension to our partnership with Alaska Airlines.

3. Our SuperFamily grew by one when Jessica “Jess of All Trades” Kane joined us this year.  Jess is a recent grad from Towson University and was an immediate, enthusiastic spark to our team.  Her can-do attitude and commitment to our company purpose makes her a perfect fit.

4. Our Community SuperMama team is growing!  To help support the launch of 3 separate tests in Target stores across the country, we have begun working with 4 Community SuperMamas to help spread the work about our purpose (to empower parents and grow healthy superkids) and increase brand awareness across the country.  We hope to grow this network of smart, passionate, health-minded moms throughout the year.  Stay tuned to our blog and social media for more opportunities!

5. We are already working on the next SUPER addition to our product portfolio.  Let the recipe development commence.  (And don’t forget the taste testing!!)

Thanks for joining us on this exciting ride.



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