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Megan Mondays: Boost your Immune System!

on February 2, 2015

WHAT EXACTLY DOES MEGAN USE IN HER HOME? HERE’S A RUN-DOWN OF MY IMMUNE-ROUTINE STOCKPILE (I am making these recommendations based on my experience with them):

Zinc – my older son (2.5 years old) takes 10 mg of zinc per day as preventative and I up it to 20 mg a day for a few days when sick to give an extra boost. We use one of the following brands: Life Extension, Kirkman Labs, or BrainChild Nutritionals (liquid form)

Astragalus root extract – my son takes this every day as preventative measure. We use BrainChild Nutritionals brand; it’s a liquid form that’s easy to take.

Micellized Vitamin A – what I use for all members of the family at the onset of illness. We only use this for 2 days at a time when sick.  I use Klaire Labs liquid micellized Vitamin A.

Multi Vitamins – on days when the whole food green smoothies didn’t get finished or we were out and about and not eating as many fruits, veggies, and other whole foods that we normally do, I will give a multi vitamin to fill-in the gaps during cold and flu season. I use Kirkman Labs brand chewable wafers with Xylitol.  The xylitol has been shown to help reduce cavities and it’s a better sweetener than sugar (which many common children’s vitamins are full of!)

Vitamin D3I consider this one of my must-haves and my sons take it on a daily basis. I also have their blood serum levels tested about 2 times a year to make sure they are receiving adequate amounts. I use Xymogen Labs liquid Vitamin D3, but also use Nordic Naturals brand and am happy with both.

Elderberry syrup – My sons also take elderberry syrup each day, with an increased dose during illness. I feel tht this has helped curb lengthiness of viral infections (like bronchitis) and it also helps with coughs.  I found an awesome homemade Organic Elderberry Syrup creator and distributor that will mail to your home.  She makes a syrup with local honey and a tincture (w/out honey) for babies and people sensitive to honey.  You can find her products here (no affiliate bonus; I just love her product and feel that it’s worthy to recommend!):

Colostrum – we use Immulox spray, but have recently switched to using a powder form of immune-boosting polypeptides called IgG 2000 by Xymogen Labs. It mixes easily into smoothies, etc. and it’s also great for use after antibiotics and/or with digestive issues.  Please note both products are made with dairy, so those with dairy sensitivities cannot take.  There are non-dairy forms on the market, though.

Vitamin C immune blend – we usually take this at times when exposure to illness has happened or illness is coming on. I also give it with iron if my son needs to periodically take iron for a low ferritin level we’ve been dealing with since age 1.  It’s naturally flavored and kids like that it’s a liquid.  I use Brain Child Nutritionals brand.

Probioticsmy son has received probiotic supplements since birth, and I have routinely taken them for about 6 years now. I have noticed a huge improvement overall in my health, in addition to my digestion and immunity.  I use Kirkman Labs because they have a formula that is resilient to die-off (which is common with probiotics).  They also take stringent measures to keep probiotics refrigerated at all times during manufacture and transport, which is what a consumer should look for.  Probiotics that sit on a shelf tend to have little benefit by the time they reach the consumer.  I increase the dosage at times of illness and after antibiotics have been administered (which is not often)

Omegaswe are big on omegas in our house. The first line of consumption is through omega-rich foods like chia seeds, flax, nuts, and oils, especially since we don’t eat fish.  We use Nordic Naturals and Xymogen brand (pure cod liver oil).

Immune-building herb mix – Wish Garden Herbs company has a great array of immune-boosting herbs to use during specific illnesses.

Essential oils – I use Oreganol brand oil during times of illness, but also really like Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamin, oregano, Thieves, etc. for using in the home, on the skin, and even ingesting (for adults, only – the oils are too potent for children and there are not enough studies on oil use with children).


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