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Saying “I Love You Because…” Every Day

on February 2, 2015

Last year at this time I started a fun tradition of reminding my family why I love them.  Initially, it seemed like a cute, fun way to decorate the bedroom doors of my home with heart-filled declarations.  A beautiful side benefit of this activity is that it reminded me how much it means to my daughters to see me love my husband.  They take in everything and smile a little brighter when they see that my love exists as much for him as it does for them.  Since I can often be louder and sloppier about it with them.

love you because 4

love you because 3

Here are just a few of the proclamations that will adorn the walls of my hallway this year:

“I Love You Because”…

– you make funny faces at just the right time

– you trust me

– you make me feel brave

– you love when I’m silly

– you take care of your friends

– you make me laugh

– you truly listen

– you think of others

I put these up on February 1st and finish up on Valentine’s Day.  It makes me feel just as happy as it does them.


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