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The Day I Let My Daughters Drive to School

Now that my daughters are five, I’ve been thinking it’s time to give them more of the space they are craving.  So, today I let them drive to school.

Not really.  But hear me out.

This morning everything was moving on time.  Lunches were packed, shoes were tied, jackets were zipped.  We were in the car with 5 extra minutes to spare on our usual 4-minute-commute to their preschool.  It felt awesome.  As we headed down the driveway I called back to daughter #1 and asked, “Left or Right?”

She immediately dove in, excited to go “the other way”.  The road less traveled.  All along the way toward school, I chose a street here or there that didn’t take us too far off the beaten path, getting us more or less in the direction of where we needed to be.  Almost every time I asked “Left or Right?” I heard, “which way do we normally go?”  Then they would choose the other way.

It was a good reminder to take the road less traveled.  To slow things down and mix things up.  Maybe even release some control in the endless morning ritual of asking, “is (fill-in-the-blank) done yet?”

My daughters left the car laughing and smiling.  Grabbing my hand as we walked into school they both asked, “can we do that every day?”

I felt a little bit like Super Mom.

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