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What I’d Like For Mother’s Day (Not an Exhaustive List)

on May 8, 2015

Mothers-Day1. Smiling, happy children.  All day.  Like, to the point that maybe I think something is wrong.

2. High quality, delicious, organic meals that everyone loves, prepared for the entire day week month.

3. A leisurely morning wake-up that includes stretching in bed before getting stepped on, gut punched or having my eyes literally peeled open while being asked, “are you awake?”

4. Six consecutive sentences that don’t begin with “Mommy” “I don’t know how this happened, but” or “What’s that smell?”

5. No Whining.  Or Wrestling.  Or I’m-Not-Touching-You’ing (#1 needed a solid back-up).

6. Something outside.

7. Something chocolate.

8. Something by myself.  Maybe yoga or coffee or staring at a tree.

9. A gift that was clearly made entirely, unapologetically, amazingly by my five-year-old daughters.  Preferably 3-dimensional.

10. A gift that was clearly hijacked from a list of “top 10 things to get your amazing wife for Mother’s Day” from my husband.


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