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Business Update: Say Hello to Summer

on May 26, 2015

passion never failsWho can believe we are at the end of May?  Certainly not I. But the gentle reminder of a slowly setting sun late in the day and an afternoon temperature today that’s creeping toward 90 seems like sufficient proof.  We are headed straight for summer.

The coming month have some exciting things in store for MySuperFoods.  Here are 5 things we are celebrating this summer:

1. Nearly 500 Target locations and over 250 Kroger stores are lining their shelves with MySuperCookies Heroes (Blueberry Vanilla, Honey and Chocolate).  We’ve given our store locator a heads up but are still nervous that it might explode on impact.

2. The 4 oldest SuperKiddos (2 sets of twins and the reason Katie and Silvia met) are finishing up preschool next week.  Kindergarten, here we come!  We couldn’t be more proud, honored and amazed to be their moms.  What an awesome group of kids.  (Little brother Tristan will continue to believe he is also 5…instead of 3)

3. The summer interns have entered the building.  Thank you, Kayla and Lauren! (huge sigh of relief…until September)

4. New products are in the works and the taste testing begins next week.  It’s tough job but SOMEONE has to do it!

5. We celebrate our 4th birthday on July 8th!!  What should the theme be…?


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