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Are The Terrible Twos Real? A Letter From The Director Of Selling & Telling!

I’ve been on the MySuperFoods team for two years (you can read my letter from when I turned one here).  So this year, when I asked Katie and Silvia if the terrible twos were a real thing…They both said yes. I knew I was asking the right people.  But what is it? Katie said: “It’s INDEPENDENCE. It’s the I CAN DO THIS attitude.” I stopped. I smiled. Why? Because I’m 27 and I feel that exact way. I’m dabbling on the line of I can do it on my own, but please tread lightly behind me in case I fall. I’m getting frustrated over certain things and now expressing it. I’m fully mobile and communicating with everyone around, so I need a bit more guidance and some defined boundaries.

I know Silvia & Katie have done this before (x2 or 3), but I’m sure I’m giving them different emotions than those SuperKids…and all I can say is THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing me to be the person you mentor.

  • Thank you for the constant reminder that I’m part of something much bigger than what I can see around me. Our food system is broken, and I’m so excited to be a small part of a big change. I’m also contributing to a greater cause. Our social mission to end child hunger in the US really keeps us moving forward. I don’t care if I sell 1 single case to a new store. The most rewarding part of this adventure is watching our contributions grow. We’ve now donated over 75,000 meals to local food banks and shelters across the US. That’s something to be proud of.
  • Thank you for being so dedicated to helping me grow within this company. You both treat me as an equal, but understand that I need reassurance and guidance. In your individual ways, you’ve praised by accomplishments and brought my weaknesses to light. You’ve each pushed me to dig deeper, work harder, and stand taller. I’m happy to admit my faults, and work toward better practices. I know I need to work on my organization and follow up skills. But.. my relationships are stronger, and I think my pitch is getting better with each expo. 
  • Thank you for giving me an opportunity that has developed into a deep passion. I never imagined myself being so motivated to learn about healthy and mindful eating. I’ve most certainly never pictured myself negotiating sales—and today, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I thrive on the rejection, and get super happy over my wins. I love the early morning merchandising trips. I love periodic sales reviews. I love setting up for expos, and then standing for 8 hours straight. I’m very lucky to be excited about going to work each day… especially rainy Monday mornings. 
  • Thank you for embracing my creative side, my millennial thoughts, and my need to talk ideas out. I know my ideas aren’t always practical, but I genuinely appreciate how you both listen. Within a small company, I can imagine it being hard to make employees feel like you’re being heard. You two let me talk. I might not always feel like I’m adding value. But, I always feel like you appreciate my most outrageous ideas– even if it’s just for the sake of knowing that I’m still thinking about the brand. You’ve refined more than just my palate.
  • Thank you for the small moments of eye contact and heartfelt hugs that make me feel like my mistakes were just part of the plan. Each time I feel like I’ve dropped the ball, I’m reminded that this is a learning process for all of us. But, it’s the recognition of mistakes that make me work harder and the empathy that comes from the both of you that makes me want to continue growing. I’m blessed to have found two friends in my bosses. 
  • Thank you for being your authentic selves every single day. On good days and bad days, your true selves are present. What I adore most about this team is the laughter. Not a single day in the office is boring. And, then when we’re forced to be together for 4 straight days (I love expo so much) we really compliment one another. I love that. You’ve both taught me to never waiver from what I believe in, trust my initial thoughts, and keep an eye on the bigger picture. You’ve both made me a better version of myself, and I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.  I’m incredibly grateful to be on this rocket ship with the two of you.



Here are a few memories I’ve captured this year:

FullSizeRender (3)

 This was the first time I saw MySuperCookies at TARGET near my house. I was so excited, I told everyone in the store about them. The manager still calls me “The Cookie Girl.” I’ll take it.

 1509 (2)

After Expo West, Silvia and Katie sent me to Whole Foods in the Pacific North West. I drove around Portland, OR and Vancouver,WA for two days. I fell so-in-love (so so so in love) with Oregon. I’m so happy to have been able to travel by myself– I came back more confident, with a clear mission to work hard enough to be able to go back.


This SUPERTEAM spent a day at the Food Bank of NYC. We love their partnership, and couldn’t be happier to have prepared lunch and dinner meals for these families. It was a humbling experience, that really made me appreciate our social mission. If any of our SuperFriends have a local foodbank in their area, we’d love to donate! Let’s talk. You can also contribute to our virtual food drive here.

 2057 (2)

This is what happens when I sit down to eat, and they tell me it’s okay to write on the table. I’m always excited to bring out my inner child–and an opportunity for free advertising!

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We Make A Life By What We Give…Our Contribution to Ending World Hunger

When you think of orange what comes to your mind? For us, here at MySuperFoods we think of ending child hunger.

Go Orange


  • 1 in 5 children in New York City relies on a soup kitchen or food pantry to eat.
  • 1 in 5 seniors in New York City relies on soup kitchens and food pantries.
  • Nearly 605,000 or 1 in 6 women in New York City rely on soup kitchens or food pantries for their next meal. (Stats are taken from

It’s that time of year again folks! September is dedicated to Hunger Action Month. Food Bank for New York City is celebrating it’s 10th annual Go Orange to End Hunger Relief! We are happy to say that we have partnered up for the last 4 years with NYC Food Bank in our social mission to end child hunger in the U.S.

Food Bank NYC

On September 17th, specifically, the SuperTeam will join New York in volunteering and donating to this great cause! It is so important to us to give back to our community and our country that we strongly believe in- and every little bit counts. It feels super rewarding to be able to be a part of something that is constantly making strides to better the the overall community. We are thrilled to grow our partnerships across the country and commit ourselves to continue this growth as we make and distribute more MySuperFoods products.

So now, here is our Call to Action from our Followers!! There are so many ways that one can donate to their community- even the smallest ways count.  Just a donation of $1 to NYC Food Bank can provide for 5 meals. Not only does NYCFoodBank dedicate a day within the month to “GoOrange,” but Feeding America does as well! On September 3rd, Feeding America asks for support in joining to end world hunger. As part of our commitment, we would like to pay it forward and keep the good deeds going!

If you’re looking into donating some of those extra cans or boxes that we always have in the pantry, click here to find the nearest Food Bank Donation Center. Listed below are a few other opportunities that MySuperFoods has participated in:

We are always looking for new ways to give back, so if any of our followers have any other suggestions we would love to hear from you guys to unite in ending hunger in the U.S!

World Hunger

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A Letter to Parents for Back-to-School

Two years ago I ripped out a letter written by Vicki Glembocki in Parents Magazine.  TWO. YEARS. AGO.  Because it resonated with me then, when my little girls were only in preschool.  My two years moved quickly and now it’s resonating even more.  So here I am, one week away from sending my girls to kindergarten, rereading these beautiful words.  This great advice.  And really, it pertains to many back-to-school families.  From kindergarten to college.  The message being…breath.  Go easy on yourself. And them.  You’ve done well and they are okay.  Every one has their own journey and this is yours.  You can’t do it for them, so relax.  Enjoy the ride.

Here is the letter.

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Take a deep breath.  I swear, you won’t get a call every day informing you that your child has run out of the classroom screaming “Mooooooomy!” Even if you get this call just once, like I did, it will make you feel like a bad parent for not adequately preparing your offspring for the rigors of school.  Don’t fret: The transition to kindergarten can be tough on everyone.  To get through, you may need to do some very hot yoga.  Your child? She probably just needs a good midday snack.  So pack good snacks. (Editors note: I think MySuperCookies and MySuperSnacks more than satisfy this request)

If you ever forget to pack a snack, you will never hear the end of it.  Ever.

From here on out, in this age of uber-efficient technology, your most significant communication with your child’s school will probably happen in a two-pocket folder that your 5-year-old brings home each day.  When there is a note for you in the folder – a permission slip, a reminder to send in box tops, a request to man the Pick-a-Pop booth during the pumpkin fair – fill it out right away.  Touch paper only once.

Keep in mind that some kids will start kindergarten not knowing how to read a single word while others will be reading chapter books.  Kids typically level out in second grade, so stop Googling “reading tutors”.  Seriously.  Step away from the computer.  Now.

Assume that everything you say or do at home may be repeated to the kindergarten teacher.  If not spoken, it can most definitely be drawn, and when the teacher offers to help write a caption for the picture, you child may say, “Mommy’s Wine With Olives.”

Whether or not you work outside the home, do not feel guilty if you can’t attend all of the many daytime events you’ll be invited to, such as “the 100th Day of School Party” or “Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Party” of the four-minute Halloween parade.  Yes, it’s special for your child when you are there.  But if you’re always there, it could stop seeming special.  Be involved as much as you can – it keeps you in touch with your child’s activities and it’s good for you.  You’ll meet the other parents whom you will likely be seeing at Back-To-School night for the next 13 years.  You will make friends.  Good friends.  So bring a batch of brownies to the next PTA meeting and be nice.

Prepare yourself.  This year, your child may come home from school with a wad of tissue in her hand and when you open it up you’ll find a teeny baby tooth inside.  You will realize, maybe for the first time, that your child now has a life that you will not always be a part of.  And you will feel very sad about this, and also very happy, all at the same time.  So do what I did: Take another deep breath, pour a “wine with olives,” and whisper to yourself, over and over: “Give her wings.”

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