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Business Update: New Passions, New Products and a Road Trip

Hello, SuperFriends!  2016 is off to a busy start, but I wanted to take a minute to say hello and give you a brief business update.  These updates continue to be our most appreciated posts, despite my inability to offer them more frequently.  Hopefully that will change with some new, creative ideas…

  1. We are launching a video series.  There.  The gauntlet is thrown.  We’ve been talking about it forever and we’ve finally gotten started.  We want a way to let people know who we are and what we are doing with this little company of ours.  It’s a bumpy, slightly dark, sometimes hard to hear start.  But, like everything we do as entrepreneurs, this will be honed and refined until it’s amazing and hysterical in all the right places.  Like starting this company, we are jumping in and refining as we go.  (I think Thomas Edison said it best)  Videos will be available on our You Tube Channel soon.  Stay tuned!i have not failed
  2. New products are coming.  Do you like GLUTEN FREE food?  Why do I ask? No reason.
  3. We have officially welcomed our newest team member, SCOTT to the full time staff.  Scott manages to survive every day in a room with three loud, bossy, hysterical, amazing women.  He once wore a tiara because my daughters asked him to and then let us take a picture.  He also manages MySuperFoods operations.  These are all demanding jobs, for which he is commended. scott tiara
  4. We celebrate one year in our new office on March 1st!  It’s so nice to have space for our ideas, colorful walls to remind us that we are working for the all the kids out there and at least 5 places to get coffee and lunch in town whenever needed.  (This is a marked improvement of walking downstairs into my kitchen, wishing someone left a surprise homemade lunch on the counter).
  5. Our Co Founders (Katie and Silvia) are taking all 5 SuperKids and husbands tubing this weekend.  Because we don’t spend enough time together.  And because we never have any fun.
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