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Business Update – Summer, Summer, Summer Time

on July 26, 2016

Katie and RaeOKAY.  I must apologize.  Five months later I emerge once again in the blogosphere.  That was a long vacation.  I wish I could say I went somewhere warm and tropical, but my horizon resembles a 500 square foot office, filled with great people and a lot of organic and gluten free snacks.  And instagram (@mysuperfoods).  I spend some time there too.  It’s  faster way to communicate visually all the things I have been wanting to say here but have been neglecting.  So, I apologize.

With that out of the way, here is my semi-regular, lately less frequent, but no less popular business update!!
1. MySuperSnacks are now GLUTEN FREE.  Can we just pause for a second and enjoy this moment?  MySuperSnacks have always been wheat free and non GMO, but the early oats that we used were not certified gluten free because of the high cost.  Fun fact: oats can be cross contaminated by wheat simply by being grown in an open field.  Certified gluten free oats are protected to ensure that they are not contaminated.  Now that we have grown and are ordering higher quantities, we were able to commit to the higher cost of gluten free oats without raising the price of our product.  HUGE win for us and a big thank you to our customers who have been waiting for a gluten free product.  We are thrilled to pass this one on to you.Gluten Free logo
2. We celebrated our 5th birthday at our traditional backyard BBQ that we have done for the last 4 years.   I don’t think it occurred to us to throw a party that first year.  Probably because we didn’t actually have a product to sell.  (It took us 14 months to bring the first product to life after we officially decided to start this company – and we originally thought we could do it in 4 months.  Classic overachievers.)  We added a DJ to the party last year.  That seriously upped our game and we aren’t looking back.  Silvia is great at making sure we stop and celebrate in general and a dance party is an awesome way to do just that.  This momentary pause is so important in work and family and life in general.  There is so much to be grateful for.  (And dancing around to Katy Perry’s “Firework” with a bunch of kiddos is pretty much the best way to remember that).  We also watched and celebrated Portugal’s victory over France in the Euro Championship, watching Silvia (born in Portugal and a true fan) go from excited to nervous to beside herself to ridiculously-excited-over-the-moon.  Not a bad day for the MySuperFoods team.
3. We just launched MySuperCookies into nearly 200 Sam’s Clubs across the country.  I’ve personally already heard from a couple families with allergies who were excited to find MySuperCookies (organic, 100% nut free and vegan) on the shelves.  Talking to customers is one of my favorite parts of this job.  To know that we are making nutrient dense snacks that help families on-the-go without making sacrifices to nutrition is exactly why we started this company.  We are grateful to be in new communities across the country.  sams-club
4. Our YouTube channel has a few new videos.  Silvia and I want you to get to know the people behind the brand, to share some insights into how and why we started this company and to (very soon!) share an awesome campaign to help fight childhood hunger in our country.  This perfectly aligns with our social mission and we are so excited to launch it just in time for back-to-school.  Come check out our first couple videos and visit us again to see what’s going on.
5. Parents Magazine named us one of their “Best Granola Bars for Kids”.  To say we were excited is an understatement.  So proud of this recognition!
6. We had another team photo shoot (see above).  New photos are coming soon to a website near you.

2 responses to “Business Update – Summer, Summer, Summer Time

  1. April says:

    Good evening! First, I would like to say thank you for making snacks that are organic and healthier for children. My husband recently purchased a box of “my super cookies” from Sams Club. One of the first things he noticed on the box was 100% Nut Free. Our daughter has a severe tree nut allergy so it’s always exciting to find new foods without nuts. As I was putting the cookies away in our cabinet, I noticed that they are made with coconut oil. Our allergist and the FDA recognize coconut as a tree nut and our daughter is allergic to coconut as well. I know people question whether or not coconut is considered to be a tree nut or a fruit. I am part of a support group of parents who have children with food allergies and coconut is a common allergy among the children with tree nut allergies.
    I wanted to bring this to your attention to bring awareness that coconut is considered a nut to many who suffer with tree nut allergies.

    • mysuperfoods says:

      Hi April,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and utter honesty. We totally hear what you’re saying, and appreciate the valuable feedback from you and your allergy community. We’re also sorry to hear about your daughters severe nut allergy, as well as her allergy to coconut. The coconut oil we use in MySuperCookies does not contain any proteins and has been proven to be free of all allergens. Our products are tested for any/all traces of peanuts/treenuts before they are put on the shelves. We know this still may be an issue for your daughter, but do hope you know that our team is doing all we can. If you’d like any further information on our ingredients, please do not hesitate to contact us directly…we’d be happy to chat.

      Thanks again for reaching out,
      Director of Selling & Telling

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