Super Starts Here.


It started over coffee. Well, decaf coffee. Fall of 2009, bellies out to there, we waddled up to the same table and commiserated over the fears, anxieties, and panic that overwhelm moms-to-be. Times two. We were both carrying twins. Fall turned to winter and babies were born. The chaos began.

As the babies grew into toddlers, so did our efforts to give them a fun & healthy array of new tastes and colors at every meal. Without all the fake stuff. It’s easy, in the beginning to puree an apple and feel good about your babies meal plan. When she graduates to “people food” and you’re reaching for an easy, nutritious option, you can be reaching for a long time. At least that’s how we felt.

We love making homemade food for our kids, but let’s be realistic. We can’t (and don’t have time to) tote a homemade yogurt smoothie in the stroller to the playground. Unless of course the stroller, our children, and everything we touch is covered in plastic wrap.

So, one day over building blocks and board books, another baby was born. MySuperFoods.

MySuperFoods Company is a New Jersey based healthy food and lifestyle brand whose purpose is to empower parents and grow healthy, SuperKids.

Super Starts Here.


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  1. Lacy says:

    My name is Lacy Lupi and I am the Lead Coordinator of the Bowe Green Project at Thomas E. Bowe Elementary School. We are a club that focuses on practicing sustainability efforts within our school setting while also promoting school gardening and healthy living. We are located in Glassboro, NJ and I noticed you too are NJ based. I would love to collaborate in anyway that we could. Please let me know your availability and contact info. Thank you in advance!

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