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25 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Ideas for Thanksgiving

on November 4, 2013

thanksgiving round upNovember already. It seems to sneak up on us, like a remnant prank left over from Halloween. For me, it’s a welcomed guest. The cool air, a bowl of steaming soup, an extra blanket thrown over the back of the couch. I love this time of year and all that it means. Most of all…giving thanks. Alas, it seems that giving thanks tends to come with a hefty menu. Turkey, stuffing, relatives from out of town and children out of school for a few extra days. And pie. Lots of pie.

To make your lives with little ones a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 25 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Ideas for Thanksgiving. Recipes, crafts, table toppers. Plenty to keep little hands occupied and little mouths happy. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

1. Hosting Kids Tips – If kids are involved it’s best to be prepared for anything, but why not get out in front of some of the chaos with a little planning?

2. Thanksgiving Place Mat – Keep the peace at the table with this fun, interactive idea for kids (and adults!).

thanksgiving placemat










3. Creating a Fun Kids Table – More festive ideas to make the kids happy to have their own table.

thanksgiving kids table









4. Garland of Thanks – Get little hands busy right away with a fun, Thanksgiving-inspired project that gets the whole family involved!

5. Turkey Crafts – Inspire the most creative kids in the room with these artistic ideas.

6. How to Cook the Perfect Turkey – A step by step guide.

7. Fruit and Cheese Kabobs –  This acts as a centerpiece to the table and an easy-to-grab, healthy snack.











8. Veggie Turkey – Adorable addition to any table full of appetizers.

9. Turkey Fruit Platter – Festive, grab-me-if-you-can alternative to your standard fruit salad.

10. Pumpkin Hummus – A delicious and protein-packed alternative to hum-drum dip options.

11. Cranberry Apple Chutney – A kid-tested alternative to this Thanksgiving standby.

12. Thanksgiving Risotto – A fantastic combination of the seasons best flavors.

thanksgiving risotto







13. Quinoa, Kale, Sweet Potato Bowl – A Dairy and gluten/grain free option – without missing any of the great flavor!

14. Bulgur and Cranberry Stuffing – Delicious stuffing that our kids love!

15. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Mac and Cheese – Surprise the kids with this healthier take on one of their favorites.

16. Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese – Try this alternative as a fun side dish or post-Thanksgiving meal using leftover butternut squash.

17. Butternut Squash and Root Vegetable Soup – A yummy starter for any cold weather day – packed with nutrition!

18. Brussels Sprouts with Grapes and Walnuts – There are never any leftovers of this dish in my house when this comes out of the oven.

brussel sprouts










19. Roasted Vegetables – Encourage kids to try the different colors, shapes and sizes.

20. Fruit Cornucopia – Build a dessert table around these beautiful, healthy treats.

fruit cornucopia










21. Mini Sweet Potato Whoopie Pies – A new way to serve up traditional pumpkin pie, that’s perfect for small hands.

22. Apple Crisp – Perfectly portioned in small, ramekin cups.  Simple, pretty, delicious.











23. Turkey Pumpkin Chili – Make the most of your leftovers

24. Turkey Empanadas – Turn your leftovers into this unexpected kid-friendly dinner

25. Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal – What kid doesn’t want dessert for breakfast?

Remember, there is no such thing as giving TOO much thanks!  Be thankful, have fun, enjoy.


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